Content Development is a core process to creating a website that works well for your business.

Developing compelling content that engages, delights, and converts your users is a challenge. By approaching this challenge systematically, you ensure success.

The components of reliable content development  are

  1. Audience Research
  2. Persona Development
  3. Strategy Overview
  4. Goal Development
  5. Measurement Development
  6. Impact Measurement
  7. Content Adjustment
  8. Outreach

By following these stages methodically, we end up with content that serves a purpose and gets measurable results that can be relied upon.

What makes effective content?
Effective content is well targeted to your audience, brand, and strategy.
It serves a purpose and helps communicate your message to your target audience.
It is well researched and solves specific problems.

Content Marketing
The current hot trend in digital, is a focus on content marketing. It is highly effective when done well, developing the market leading content for a specific problem set ensures that you will add value to the lives of your future customers, get your brand in their mind, and get your offers considered.

By ensuring that you consider SEO, and attach the content to a well designed funnel you are pursuing a pull marketing strategy which enhances the trust and perception of value the potential consumers have of your company.

Content marketing comes in many forms, and can include, blogging, social media, web copy, lead magnets, and email marketing just to name a few places that it can be applied.

Having a cohesive strategy, and specialized content will help you meet your business goals.

It can help in a number of areas including

  • Lead Generation
  • Funnel Nurturing
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Market Dominance
  • Brand Development