Designing a booking system for a Real Estate Photography Business

This project is designed to improve the overall user experience, conversion rate, and bottom line of a business that is focused on delighting its users.

After our local SEO activities helped the business rank for top keywords in their area

While we saw a 32% increase in conversions
A 73% increase in total transaction
and a measurable 32% increase in revenue just through digital channels

We know that there is still a significant way to go.
At the core of that is a need for a delightful and intuitive user experience.

The business has over 200 outstanding reviews on Google, and the digital experience should match the customer experience as a whole.

Website Development

Working with the data startup CxO NeXus we helped them complete a site redesign to bring them in line with the amazing technology that they are developing to help C-Suite executives make informed decisions about their marketing tech stack.

We helped push front end design, handled development, and made improvements to the site structure that helped them focus on serving specific user personalities in order to differentiate how their product helps each role in the C-Suite.

Membership Site Development

Working with Steph Yoga we established a base membership site, allowing her to launch her Yoga program. The site build includes a payment integration with square. Membership management system that allows coupons, private content.

Customized Vimeo embeds handle the video content and remove all branding giving a branded experience.  Ongoing development includes adding new membership features, monitoring user behavior, and working with the brand to ensure that the experience for members is effective.