Part 1: Digital Marketing Live Build 2017

This will be a live build for a selection of 10 sites simultaneously.
Each site will be scoped out, ideated upon, researched, and executed, and grown to self sustinance for under 100 dollars each.

The strongest concepts will be used to self suffice and fuel weaker ideas, or concepts that are struggling but the baseline concept is to generate businesses that make 10k a month with minimal maintenance demonstrating step by step how that growth occured.

As we progress, we will share our insights lessons, and improvements to those who follow allong, we encourage your commentare on the journey along the way.

As well as your support and encourageent, we will be referencing the tools and advice that helped us achieve specific results giving credit where it is due, and encouraging others to follow paths that are forged, in places where there are signficant challenges we will look for solutions to smooth out the process and if the resulting solution is not satsfactory we will seek to fill the gap in  order to push progress for everyone.

Why 10 ?
It gives us a solid chance of success, we only need one to take off to exceed expectations in order to achieve a personal business goal.

The hope is that al concepts have a workable angle, and we can succeed with the baseline amoun,t however realism suggest that there will have to be some failure. So we will seek to improve execution.

One round, the best shot we can take and and a push to launch