Every day, InternetReputation.com gets inquiries from business owners asking how they can get bad reviews on Yelp removed or fixed. Finding a false or misleading review online is a frustrating and devastating experience, but Yelp.com will not remove them unless they violate Yelp’s Terms of Service.

Yelp.com was designed as a listing site to give consumers honest reviews of different businesses. The site has quickly become a popular hangout spot and social networking tool used by consumers. From restaurants to doctors’ offices, Yelp collects information on millions of different businesses and re-displays it on its website. Its business information comes from third-party data sources like Dun and Bradstreet, and from members who list businesses on the website. Once your business is listed on Yelp there is no chance of getting the listing removed from Yelp itself.

Yelp promotes its website as a place for business owners to advertise their listings and drive customers to their establishment. The problem is that Yelp uses a unique algorithm to filter reviews they believe are false. Because of this, positive reviews may be filtered out, leaving negative reviews prominently displaying on the site and in search engine results.

This matters, because consumers are relying on online reviews now more than ever. A channel advisor study done in 2011 showed that 83 percent of consumers read online reviews before making purchase decisions. Businesses with poor online reviews online often see huge declines in business. We have heard countless stories from different business owners about huge losses in revenue, or even going out of business, because of poor online reviews.

We have reviewed thousands of Yelp profiles and worked with hundreds of business owners to develop a comprehensive and strategic approach to fighting negative Yelp reviews and removing the listing from appearing Google.

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How to Remove Yelp Reviews

There are a number of misconceptions about removing Yelp reviews, getting Yelp reviews deleted, and paying Yelp to remove bad reviews. Most of this information is false. Yelp is protected by the First Amendment and the CDA Act; they don’t and typically won’t remove reviews. Yelp has won several large lawsuits relating to online review removal and has proven they are protected by the current laws. Yelp does not remove reviews for its advertisers, so advertising on Yelp will not allow you to monitor or remove reviews.

The Internet has become the number one source that consumers turn to for information on businesses. If you are not taking positive action to control and eliminate harmful review profiles from appearing prominently in search engines, you are losing control of your business and losing revenue.

The idea behind removing Yelp reviews from the Internet is very simple. First, we need to find out where people are finding these reviews and then we must eliminate this profile from the source altogether. It is not possible to prevent bad reviews, but it is possible to prevent people from finding them. Our researched approach to fighting Yelp is simple: take Yelp out of the picture all together. Our review management services offer full-scale solutions to dealing with online reviews.

  1. The first step in fixing negative Yelp reviews is to understand where customers are finding them. Countless studies and research shows that consumers are using Google, Yahoo and Bing to find online reviews. People are not going directly to Yelp to find your business; they find it through a Google search.
  2. Once we have targeted where customers are finding harmful reviews, we put a plan into action to remove the Yelp.com business listing from appearing altogether.
  3. We use a researched and tested model to prevent Yelp profiles from appearing in the search engines. As a business owner, you shouldn’t allow websites like Yelp to control your business; having a high-ranking listing that allows for anonymous posters to say anything they want is extremely dangerous.

The end result of our campaigns is a clean Internet presence with no negative reviews appearing on Yelp or any other sites. The idea is take control of your “Google real estate” and by doing so, take control of how customers view your business. It took years for you to build your reputation, so don’t let one person ruin it.

Yelp Review Management Case Studies

*Plastic Surgeon

Problem: Yelp.com and Newspaper Article – Client is a plastic surgeon who has a Yelp.com listing and a negative newspaper article listing appearing prominently in Google. When people Google the surgeon’s name or practice, the Yelp and newspaper article are causing potential patients to question his practice and ethics. The Yelp.com reviews are false reviews that were posted anonymously.

Solution: The client engages with InternetReputation.com and immediately we began working to attack the Yelp.com and negative newspaper listing. Within 30 days, the newspaper listing and the Yelp.com listing is off the first page of Google and appearing on page 2 of the search results. InternetReputation.com continues to aggressively promote existing client assets and create new assets and continues to bury the Yelp profile listing and newspaper article even further. Within 60 days, InternetReputation.com has pushed the Yelp.com and newspaper listing off the first 8 pages of Google’s search results. The client can go back to business without being questioned on misleading reviews and information.

Timeframe: 30 days: no Yelp.com listing and no unwanted newspaper articles are found on the first page of Google. 60 days: no Yelp.com listing and no unwanted newspaper articles are found in the first 8 pages of Google.

Fixing Negative Yelp Reviews Q&A

1) “Can I just get one review removed from Yelp?”

Answer: You CAN’T remove reviews from Yelp based on the fact that they are false, misleading, or untrue. It is important to understand that Yelp is not legally responsible for the reviews posted on its site, and will not remove them. Getting negative reviews online is unavoidable. A jealous competitor or an angry ex-employee can ruin your reputation in minutes. You are bound to end up with negative reviews online now or in the future. The only way to prevent this is to take these review websites out of the picture.

2) “Can I sue Yelp for negative reviews?”

Answer: Current laws protect Yelp, and legal action will not result in Yelp removing reviews.

3) “What if the person who left the review is not a customer of mine?”

Answer: Yelp does not require proof of purchase to leave a review. Yelp allows anyone to leave reviews on businesses.

4) “How long does your program take to fix my review problem?”

Answer: Each campaign is unique in its own right. We are more than happy to review your situation and provide you with timeframe.

5) “I don’t have any reviews now, but want protection. Can you help?”

Answer: Yes, we offer protection programs and highly recommend them. Allowing these review sites to prominently rank on the search engines is playing with fire. We also offer review monitoring that allows you to easily control and monitor what is being said about you online.

6) “How much does it cost?”

Answer: Each campaign is custom tailored for the business. The cost varies based on how many results there are for your business and how many negative reviews there are on the profiles. We offer a free analysis to evaluate the situation.

7) Why are my reviews being filtered on Yelp?

Answer: The Yelp review system is an algorithm designed by Yelp to filter out reviews they classify as spam. Unfortunately, it seems that a majority of the reviews that end up in the Yelp review filter are positive ones. Yelp.com states they believe their review filter is used to leave the most relevant reviews for users of the website. Yelp does not publicly disclose what triggers a review to be filtered, but our research has shown there are a number of factors involved.

These are triggers that can cause reviews to end up in the Yelp filter:

  • Geographic – A user’s location can trigger a Yelp review filter. If a business is located in Houston, Texas but receiving reviews from California it is likely Yelp will filter this review.
  • Timing – If a business received a negative review but suddenly starts receiving positive reviews immediately afterward, it is likely these reviews will be filtered.
  • Frequency – Businesses that receive only a few reviews but have a sudden increase in positive reviews will most likely trigger the filter.
  • Yelp Status – One of the biggest reasons a review will end up being filtered is if the review is a new Yelp user and doesn’t have an established account with numerous other reviews. Yelp’s algorithm is based very strongly on the reviewer’s account.

Want help fixing your bad Yelp reviews? If we can’t remove it, we can improve it! Call us today to find out how our Yelp Review Management services can help your business improve and protect its online reputation