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Glomp Stomp Initial planning

Glompstomp was selected because a rhyming name is amusing, it gives a playful attitude, there was a mascot developed prior that gives a kiddy feel and is inviting. By focusing on nostalgia periods I think that there is an easy methodoly to get retargetting going, Expecting fast growth once seeded content is setup. Will be…

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Part 1: Digital Marketing Live Build 2017

This will be a live build for a selection of 10 sites simultaneously. Each site will be scoped out, ideated upon, researched, and executed, and grown to self sustinance for under 100 dollars each. The strongest concepts will be used to self suffice and fuel weaker ideas, or concepts that are struggling but the baseline…

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Landing Page Fitness

13 Fitness Landing Page Examples Critiqued (Updated 2017) A landing page is designed for a narrow purpose. Compared to your typical website homepage a landing page has what marketers call only one conversion goal. In other words, a landing page is designed to focus only on converting the traffic it receives into leads (a name…

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Logo Size Cheat Sheet

First, some basic rules for logos. You should have the master copy of your logo. This allows for editing and changes later on. The master file should be made in a vector program such as Illustrator so that you or your designer can scale it up to any size you need. You need a horizontal…

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Get to the top of Google

How do I get to the first page of Google? This is the question I get asked the most whenever I am on a consultancy with a local business owner. It is no wonder. Google dominates the search market, delivering 2 out of 3 local business owners that I consult with start the conversation with…

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Search Enging Periodic Table

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization is the process of getting your website noticed. Primarily, Google, which functions as a modern directory for websites. Most traffic on the internet is filtered through search engines. Thus it is important to make sure that those search engines understand what your website is about. Search engine…

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